Are you an SME?

Or an Start-Up?

Do you have a great product, but struggling with how to brand it?
Or, you are a B2B business, looking to expand your reach?


Why SME and Startup Branding Needs a Different Approach?


To start with, money!

A multinational brand with Rs 10 - 20 Cr of advertising budget works differently.
There the question is how to use the money well across various media channels.
But as SMEs and Startups we must think:

How to make the most of our available resources?.

Objectives are different!

Bigger mass market brands can go for mass communication.
They have the luxury of 'Brand awareness' campaigns.

As start-up and SMEs, we need results. Sales. Leads. New partners.
We need to impress our dealer channels, vendors, and financiers.

We must get the confidence of the markets.

We have to kill many birds with a single stone!
Without spending diamonds!


We Are Owners, Not Brand Managers!

We can take our own decisions.
We don't have to look to bosses for approvals.
Our budgets might be low, but our visions are grand.
Why not put those visions into our brands!

SME Brand Guru
We have the experience of both the worlds.


We have worked on some of the biggest brands in this country.
As well as SME brands. Start-ups with no capital as well.
Get the best branding expertise for your business without burning your money.
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